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How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

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How Many Watermelons Per Plant

How Many Watermelons Per Plant? Watermelon is a tasty fruit that many people appreciate. These people had a lot of questions regarding watermelons, such as how many watermelons can one plant produce, how big they grow, and so on. In this essay, we will talk about watermelon plants and how many watermelons a plant may produce.

How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

Watermelons Per Plant

According to a University of California study, the average number of fruits produced by a single watermelon plant is 4 to 5 per plant. However, the number of fruits produced per plant varied greatly according to the variety planted. In the study, some types produced 10 or 11 fruits per plant, while others only produced 2.

In addition to the variety in the number of fruits produced, the size of the fruit also varied greatly, resulting in a large variation in the overall yield per plant, with the maximum yield being 180 lbs and the lowest yield being only 16 lbs (82kg to 7.5 kg).

According to the researchers, the top five ranking variety tests in the study are listed below;

  1. Sweet Siberian
  2. Osh Kirgizia
  3. Picnic
  4. Moon & Stars – Cherokee Strain
  5. Moon & Stars – Van Dorin Strain

The flavor, the number of fruits produced, and overall yield were used to rank the types. The size of the fruit was also taken into account in this trial. A bigger number of medium-sized fruits were generally thought to be more desirable for a home gardener. This allowed a complete fruit to be eaten in one sitting rather than causing storage concerns with half-eaten fruit.

It is also worth noting that, while certain kinds did not rank as well as others on average for flavor, every single variety did, at some point, rank in the top half for flavor. This suggests that the majority of the cultivars tested would provide fruit of satisfactory quality for most home gardeners. I have only grown one of the top five types, Sweet Siberian, in my own experience. I can confirm that I found it to be a tasty variety; however, I have not systematically compared it to other types.

The Best Watermelon Varieties

1. Sweet Siberian Watermelons Per Plant

The Delicious Siberian Watermelon has apricot-colored flesh and is particularly sweet. As the name implies, the cultivar originated in Russia before spreading over the world during the nineteenth century.

This variety was rated number one for flavor in this experiment, ranking first among taste testers 40% of the time. Furthermore, the fruit proved to be quite prolific, yielding 11 Melons ranging between 3.6 and 6.4 kg (8 to 14 lbs) and placing third overall in yield. The fruit has black skin with orange flesh that is round in form and contains little black seeds. After planting the seed, the harvest period ranged from 95 to 157 days.

2. Osh Kirgizia

Osh Kirgizia is a sweet and red-fleshed Russian cultivar named after a city in Southern Russia. It has fruit that weighs 4.5 to 6.8 kg (10 to 15 lbs) and is spherical in shape with little Brown seeds. After planting the seed, the harvest period ranged from 122 to 157 days. Overall, it came in second place to Sweet Siberia in terms of flavor. It yielded almost half the amount of Sweet Siberia. The fruit is light green with narrow black stripes, and the seeds are redwood.

3. Picnic Watermelons Per Plant

Picnic is a Green fruit with an oval shape that weighs between 3.4 and 5.4 kilograms (8 to 12 lbs). The flesh of the fruit is sweet and red, with little black seeds. Asgrow Seed Company first produced the cultivar in 1972. After planting the seed, the harvest period ranged from 102 to 146 days. The picnic was ranked third on the list because it performed well in taste testing and was one of the highest-yielding kinds.

4. Moon & Stars (Cherokee)

Moon & Stars (Cherokee) bears a huge green fruit weighing between 9 and 13.6 Kg (20 to 30 lbs). The rind is characterized by a sequence of little Yellow spots (the stars) and one bigger Yellow blotch (the moon). The fruit is nearly spherical in shape, with pink flesh and black seeds.

This type is particularly high-yielding and ranked fourth in flavor. One downside of this type in comparison to Sweet Siberia, Osh Kigizira, and Picnic is that it produced a very small amount of huge fruits. If you can’t consume a reasonable amount of fruit in one sitting, the size of the fruit can be a problem because of fridge space.

5. Moon & Stars (Van Doren Strain)

Moon & Stars (Van Doren Strain) yields huge Green fruits weighing 11 to 18 kg (25–40 lbs). It features Yellow patterns similar to other Moon and Star types, but it is nearly spherical in shape and contains Pink flesh with Brown seeds.

While it has not received as high a rating for taste as other Moon & Star types, it is frequently listed between second and fourth, which is respectable. It did, however, produce by far the biggest harvest of the types examined. As a result, we ranked it among the top-performing kinds.

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