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How Much do Peacocks Cost?

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How Much do Peacocks Cost

How Much do Peacocks Cost? Is it necessary to pay a premium for beautiful looks? Is it worthwhile to keep them as a pet? People keep them in their backyards or around their properties because they are a beautiful sight. The beautiful, long, luxurious tail of the peacock is celebrated. Despite being birds, they spend most of their time on land.

You may have seen them in a friend’s backyard and fallen in love with their beauty right away. Their attractive appearance will entice you to keep them as pets. When it comes to keeping them, the Peacock price can make or break a sale.

Belonging to the Pheasant family, the male is known as a Peacock, while the female is known as a Peahen, and the group is known as Peafowl. Females can be recognized by males by their brown and grey tones with a yellow tint. Their unique tail feathers account for more than 60% of the length of the bird’s body.

Males have a more attractive tail colour than females. Peahens frequently picked their mate based on size, colour, and feather train quality. Peafowl is well-known for their distinctive tail feather plumage, and the eye-like dots on their feathers are known as ocelli.

How Much do Peacocks Cost?

Peacocks are less expensive than several other types of pets. A decent, healthy one can be had for a few hundred dollars. A grown Peacock would cost anything from $35 to $275 on average. Birds with straight toes and no imperfections are more expensive than birds with flaws. Flawed birds with black blotches or bad toes sell for a lower price; you can acquire one for $35 to $55.

1. Peacock Breeds

Many Peacock breeds have wowed visitors with their appearance, colour, and motion. People who are knowledgeable about the bird and its breeds may desire to choose the most beautiful one. Rather than searching for each breed’s price elsewhere, we’ll list them all here.

Black Shoulder Peacock: The Black Shoulder Peacock has beautiful black wings with a greenish-blue iridescent gloss. A Black Shoulder Peacock costs between $50 and $100 on average.

Cameo Peacock:

Cameo Peacocks are not as colourful as other breeds. Creamy brown feathers are followed by darker chocolate brown neck feathers. Cameo’s distinct colour offers it an advantage and, as a result, a price increase. Cameo Peacock is typically priced between $200 and $250.

India Blue is a native of the Indian subcontinent.

It has several Peacock names, including Common Peafowl, Indian Peafowl, and Blue Peafowl. Because it is a common breed, it is widely available and sells for about $50 and $75.

Pied: Pied is a lovely Peacock breed with white patches on its wings that costs between $175 and $250. Spalding, named after the late Mrs. Spalding of California, was created by crossing Blue India with Green Java. They range in price from $75 to $125.

White: White Peacock has no colours and is completely white. Because this is an uncommon colour breed, a price increase is justified. Expect to pay between $200 and $250 or more for these.

2. Feeding Peacocks Cost

Feeding Peacocks

Because these are not pasture-grazing animals, you must purchase their normal diet from the market. They survive by eating corn, fruit, nuts, worms, reptiles, ants, crickets, and wheat. A monthly food budget of $10 to $20 is required for a Peacock pet owner. To keep them happy, you should also provide them with their favorite snacks and foods.

3. Housing Peacocks Cost

Housing Peacocks

Most people prefer to keep them in cages because they are birds. If the bird is constantly confined to a cage or a fence, the owner must construct an enclosure large enough for the bird to move freely and expand its train. A 16-foot-tall cage would be great for a captive bird. It could cost several hundred dollars.

Free-roaming Because peafowl spend the majority of their time roaming around the land, a small enclosure would suffice. Because the birds will only spend the night in the enclosure, there is no need to make it extravagant. Predators frequently dig tunnels beneath the fence and attack the birds, thus the floor should be solid.

4. Medical Care

Peacocks are healthy birds that are rarely ill. If the correct conditions and a nutritionally balanced diet are supplied, you may not need to visit the vet for years. Peafowls are treated for internal and external parasites; before purchasing, inquire with the breeder or vendor if the bird requires such treatment.

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