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How much Does a Duck Cost?

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How much Does a Duck Cost

How much Does a Duck Cost? It’s vital to become a duck parent (if you have a good outside space) not only because they are tougher and low-maintenance, but also because they are cheap to raise. More than 35 duck varieties have been domesticated for years, and Pekin and Mallard are the most loved and beloved of all these domestic pet duck breeds. Ducks are kept for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is as a pet or for meat, eggs, and feathers.

Now that the information worth discussing has been served, let us move on to today’s topic of discussion. Because you cannot retain a single male or female duck because they are generally kept in couples, we would estimate the cost based on “a pair.”

How much Does a Duck Cost?

Ducks are as cheap to buy as they are to keep. There are about a hundred duck breeds, so it’s difficult to say how much you’d have to pay to bring a duck home. Ducks, regardless of breed, are typically sold for a price ranging from $10 to $30.

Ducks are not particularly pricey. If you’re lucky enough to get your favourite duck breed from a neighbouring store, you’ll probably save $5 to $10. You must have at least one male and one female duck. As a result, expect the above-mentioned prices to be doubled. The story does not end here, because you have just gotten the pair that needs to be raised, and it would be unfair not to include their monthly upkeep fee.

1. Feeding a Duck Cost


Ducks and other waterfowl eat insects, worms, amphibians, crustaceans, pondweed, seeds, and aquatic vegetation in their normal diet, but domestic ducks do not. Pet ducks often eat chicken feed, greens, grains, vegetables, mealworms, cracked corn, birdseed, and peas, among other things, thus the monthly feeding expense may be expected to be between $30 and $40.

2. Water a Duck Cost


Most of you may believe that water is free, so why are we including it? Water is free, but the power that allows access to it is not. Water costs between $4 and $5 for wannabe duck moms.

3. Veterinarian a Duck Cost

Veterinarian a Duck Cost

The veterinarian cost of duck pets is generally the lowest of all duck raising costs. Pet ducks that have been well-cared for rarely become ill, and if they do, they rarely require medical attention.

4. Diapers


Yes, pet ducks do wear diapers indoors; it’s unusual, but quite useful if you keep ducks indoors the majority of the time. It is entirely up to you; this expense can be effectively avoided by letting your ducks to roam freely outside. Duck diapers can cost between $30 and $40.

5. Duck babysitting cost

Duck babysitting cost

The one-time charges include everything you’ll need to keep or raise a duck. Housing, bedding, a duck feeder, a waterer, a brooder, and nesting boxes would be one-time expenses.

How much does Cost Once to Raise Ducks?

1. Housing


Ducks may be the cheapest animal to buy and rear, but designing a housing that is suitable for keeping pet ducks is pricey. You can spend up to $100 to build a duck house with extra flooring, bedding, a ventilator, and an entrance and exit door.

2. Brooder Cost for ducks

Brooder Cost for ducks

The brooder is required to provide ducks with a balanced habitat, particularly during those critical years when feather development is still in its infancy. When necessary, the brooder we need for our pet ducks should be able to cool down or heat up the atmosphere. The two-in-one brooders typically cost prospective duck parents between $120 and $300. Although the brooder may be quite pricey, it is a one-time expense.

3. Nesting box

Nesting box

Nesting boxes are often installed to provide ducks with a pleasant area to deposit their eggs and keep an eye on them. The nesting boxes serve no purpose other than the one stated above. If it is not yet breeding season, you can avoid this fee for a while. Nesting boxes also protect ducks from predators.

As soon as the breeding season begins, the nesting boxes must be installed. The nesting box can be purchased online for a price ranging from $28 to $35.

Other accessories are available, however they are only classified as “luxuries.” We have opted not to address the luxurious products since we want to help you become a pet duck parent in the most cost-effective way possible. It is vital to note that the first month will be the most expensive, with the next months requiring you to save only $50 to $60.

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