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How Much Does a Pigeon Cost?

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How Much Does a Pigeon Cost

How Much Does a Pigeon Cost? A pigeon can be employed for entertainment or as a home pet. The price will vary depending on the quality, breed, age, and breeder selling one.

Tips to Know :

If you are planning to have the birds shipped, make sure you have pet insurance. That way, if something happens within the first 90 days of owning the bird, you can get your money back.

Check to see how long the breeder has been in operation. Higher quality birds are frequently bred with the proper mix. Failure to correctly breed the birds can frequently result in a bird that is not healthy. If you wish to keep pigeons, you should only keep bred ones because most wild pigeons carry diseases.

How Much Does a Pigeon Cost?

Much Does a Pigeon Cost

A commonly bred pigeon will cost you anywhere from $50 and $400 on average. Show pigeons of greater grade, on the other hand, might cost more than $1,000. A Hungarian House Pigeon, for example, can cost $250 to $400, whilst a Racing Homer can cost $50 to $80. Check out the table below to see how much the most popular breeds can cost.

Indian Fantails$125 to $175
Jacobins$125 to $175
Bokhara Trumpeters$225 to $325
African Owls$125 to $175
Satinettes$250 to $350
Highflyers$50 to $80
Blondinettes$250 to $350
Scandaroons$175 to $225
American Show Racers$85 to $150
Show King$85 to $150
Hungarian House Pigeons$250 to $325
Show Tipplers$85 to $150
Squabbing$50 to $125
Strassers$150 to $225
Homers$150 to $250
Tipplers$40 to $85
Flights$75 to $100
Rollers$40 to $85
Capuchines$85 to $150
Racing Homers$40 to $80
Pouters$175 to $225
Nuns$125 to $175
Dragoons$85 to $125
Modenas$100 to $175
English Tumpeters$125 to $200
Helmets$75 to $125
English Tumblers$175 to $250
Fantails$75 to $125
Gaditano Pouters$250 to $325

What are the extra costs?

Many breeders would only sell to individuals who buy pigeons in quantity, and the minimum purchase might range from four to eight birds. Before making a purchase, look into the seller’s return policy.

Shipping fees may apply because a pigeon breeder is likely to be located outside of your hometown. Shipping costs for a bird can start at $75 and rise from there. A shipping container/box cost may be added to the shipment fees.

Most respectable breeders will include a health certificate, and additional vaccination fees may apply if the bird is not up to date on its vaccines. Aside from vaccines, future medicines and/or vet appointments must be considered.

A loft of a coop is essential to effectively house your pigeons at home. A loft can start at $300 and go up depending on the structure and where it’s acquired from, depending on the number of birds you have. Depending on the number of birds you keep, food can cost up to $20 per month to feed a few birds.

How Can I Save Money From a Pigeon Cost?

The majority of breeders have their goods online. If feasible, try to adopt a bird near your house to save money on transportation. If this isn’t possible, compare prices from at least three different breeders online to guarantee you’re receiving the greatest value available.

Consider searching for birds near the end of the shipping season. Many breeders hold fire sales to get rid of birds during the seasons when they can’t ship them. Most breeders offer bulk discounts if you purchase a large number of pigeons at once.

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