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How to Grow Longan from Seed?

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How to Grow Longan from Seed

How to Grow Longan from Seed? Longan cultivation is a popular fruit in Asia. It is simple to grow from seed and requires little work or upkeep. This article will provide you with the information you need to start cultivating your own longan or to find new ways to add variety to your garden.

How to Grow Longan from Seed?

The very first step is to select a seed pod. Some people believe that the best seeds come from mature pods that have fallen to the ground. Others prefer to utilize fresh pods and crack them open with their hands to easily pick entire seeds. Soak your seed in water overnight before planting to weaken its shell and make it simpler to extract from the pod later. Next, locate a location with good drainage, otherwise, you’ll be fighting fungus infections all season. Longan trees require at least six hours every day without shade, but they also dislike damp feet, so make sure the soil around your planting location drains efficiently.

If you’re having difficulties getting your plants to grow, make sure they get at least four hours of direct sunlight each day. If this is not possible owing to bad weather or a lack of exposure in your home garden area, be cautious with watering – wet soil stunts root growth. Maintain a sufficient level of moisture at all times so that the plant’s roots may easily absorb water. If it’s not very warm outside, you may need to give extra heat during cooler periods, such as the winter months.

It can assist raise ambient air temperatures over time by insulating the propagator from the ground. Fill your planting area with compost and fill it with around two inches of dirt before gently placing your seedling in it. Longan is extremely susceptible to breakage. Mulch around the base with bark chips or pine needles to retain moisture; some people use rice hulls, although this might lead to fungal problems later on if they become too wet.

Water and fertilize on a regular basis during the growing season, but be cautious of nitrogen fertilizer, which can cause pods to form prematurely and drop off. Brush against your longan tree once a month to help disperse pollen throughout the trees for increased fruit production; if you choose self-fertilizing types, this is not necessary. Finally, harvest them while they are still green or yellow to avoid browning. This permits them to continue ripening on their own after being picked, rather than fast rotting while waiting for consumers.

1. Germinate Seeds

Longan seeds normally germinate in 10 to 15 days. Longan seedlings are delicate, therefore they require direct sunlight and temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C) or higher, with an optimal humidity of 80%.

2. Bear Fruit

A longan tree takes approximately six years to bear fruit on average.

3. Need for Sun

The longan tree is susceptible to high salt levels and does not survive frost or cold weather. The tree prefers a moist climate with lots of rain during the growing season, but it will grow in most regions where other fruit trees are planted as long as it gets enough water all year.

4. Water to Grow Longan from Seed

The most important thing to remember about water longan trees is that they require deep but infrequent watering. Watering deeply will assist the root system of a longan tree to cover as much territory as possible and penetrate as far as feasible. If you don’t have access to an outdoor spigot that is safe for your plant, a small trickle down from the top will suffice.

The issue with frequent watering is that it fosters shallow roots, which are less likely to thrive in their environment or withstand drought conditions as well as deeper-rooted plants such as fruit trees. If you use recycled water, check sure there are no chlorine residuals, as they will damage little plants (your seedlings). If you don’t have access to an external spigot, make sure the water comes out of the hose every 45-60 minutes. Soak it as much as you can because it will foster deep roots and nurture your longan plants for years.

5. Fertilize to Grow Longan from Seed

Longan trees require an abundance of water and fertilizer to thrive. Longans can be fertilized with liquid manure, compost tea, or mulch. You should fertilize the tree once a year and keep the soil moist at all times to guarantee proper growth. Liquid manures include nitrogen, which allows for healthy leaves that are green on top but yellow on the bottom because they require more nutrients than their roots alone can offer.

Compost tea also works well because it contains many bacteria that aid in the breakdown of organic matter into nourishment for plants such as longans. Mulching also helps to maintain moisture in the soil, preventing it from drying out during dry spells and nourishing living organisms such as earthworms, bacteria (the good kind), and plants.

6. Harvest

Longan should be harvested while the skin is still lustrous but before it becomes too dry. When they’re ripe for picking, the fruit hangs in bunches on stems from leaf branches and is usually around five inches long. They can be left to dangle or picked individually by snipping them off at the stem with sharp scissors. Picking the fruits before they reach maturity can cause some of them to drop, while others will not grow as well as expected if left unharvested. It takes 18-24 months for these seeds to mature into tasty delicacies, so patience is essential while planting this fruit tree.


The methods outlined above should allow you to grow longan from seed and consume it fresh. If you have any further queries, please contact us for more information on how we can provide this service in the most effective manner for you.

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