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How to Grow Mint in Water?

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How to Grow Mint in Water

How to Grow Mint in Water? Growing mint in water is the best and easiest method to enjoy an endless harvest in a small space, such as a windowsill, all year long! Growing mint in water is a clever method to enjoy its refreshing leaves all year in a tiny space! You’ll be able to grow it in little cups, mason jars, or even glass this way.

Why Should You Grow Mint in Water?

Growing Mint in Water is one of the finest ways to have a fresh supply of this delicious herb to garnish salads and add to yoghurt, chutneys, soups, noodles, and a nice glass of mojito! Mint has a long and varied list of purposes, but it’s one of the most refreshing herbs you can produce. Simply purchase fresh mint from a supermarket or farmer’s market and propagate it in jars from cuttings! Simply follow the directions provided below, regardless of the type.

How to Grow Mint in Water?

Grow Mint in Water

Mint cuttings, water, and a glass container for growing mint in water are all you need. You may also use yoghurt and milk cups or net cups for growing herbs in water or hydroponically.

Take 4-6 inch mint sprigs or mint cuttings from a vigorous mint plant. You can also use sprigs from a leftover bouquet from the market.

Remove all of the bottom leaves from the cuttings, but keep roughly 2-3 sets of top leaves.

Place them in a jar filled with non-chlorinated water, making sure that just the bottom two-thirds (60-70%) of the stem is submerged. You can also use boiled or diluted aquarium water (after cooling it down to room temperature).

Mint cuttings can also be grown in attractive mason jars, vases, and glasses on a kitchen windowsill or tabletop. This can also be used as a centrepiece.

Mint can also be grown in yoghurt cups and ice cream tubs with water. To learn the steps, see this YouTube video.

Where to Keep it?

Where to Keep it

Place the cuttings in a place with indirect lighting. An east-facing window is a good choice because the plant will get some morning sunlight as well! However, place it somewhere where it can get filtered sunlight or bright shade. A couple of hours in the pleasant morning sun won’t hurt but avoid the intense afternoon light. These can also be kept on your balcony or patio.

Taking Care to Grow Mint in Water

Mix a pinch or roughly 1/2 to 1 gramme of water-soluble, all-purpose plant food in a litre of water and transfer this solution into the mint-growing vase. Feed the plant every ten days. You can also feed aquarium water on a regular basis to supplement nutrients.


Harvesting of Mint

After one week of planting, you’ll notice the magic. Some development will begin, and it will be evident by the second week. You can begin collecting a few leaves at a time once your mint in water has become a bit bushy. Pick the larger leaves and utilise them right away.

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