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US Farmer Fined For Growing Too Many Vegetables

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US Farmer Fined For Growing Too Many Vegetables

US Farmer Fined For Growing Too Many Vegetables. DeKalb County is suing a local farmer for growing too many veggies, but he has stated that he would defend the allegations in the ongoing “Cabbagegate” struggle. The legislation was intended to prohibit major commercial operations in residential areas, but it is being applied to a 2-acre farmer who sells to neighbours and farmers‘ markets.

US Farmer Fined For Growing Too Many Vegetables

US Farmer Fined For Growing Too Many Vegetable

For years, Steve Miller (not the Steve Miller of classic rock fame) has maintained an organic vegetable garden on his property. He grows food for himself and has even sold some of it at farmers’ markets. He received his first code enforcement violation in January and has already paid $5000 in fines. The problematic part is that, following citations in January and February, Miller had his property rezoned to allow for his garden. The county is still suing him for the fines from the previous offences.

9/17 Update

Steve Miller, who sells part of his goods at local farmer’s markets and grows food for himself, is most certainly a victim of an Online Aerial Invasion of Private Property. This invasion of property is most likely owing to the fact that there would be no exact or factual accounting of what was going on at Mr Miller’s property until it was visited or inspected by an official. “Does Steve Miller have a legal right to privacy on his own private property?” asks the inquiry.

According to recent reports, municipal and state officials and bureaucrats are employing online mapping software to assess fines and generate revenue for cash-strapped local and state budgets. Is it correct that Google Maps and Bing Maps can go everywhere and be used as a source of information? Wouldn’t it be a crime if someone glanced over a fence when a person was bathing in their pool, with every expectation of privacy?

Is the Expectation of Privacy Something the Government Wants to Destroy Altogether?

Is today’s government in a position where the aim justifies the means? Steve was able to get the property re-zoned in January and February, when he earned his first citations, allowing him to cultivate his garden – a right MOST AMERICANS feel he already had. The Declaration of Independence states that the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is inalienable. Isn’t raising your own food a form of exercising your right to Life and Liberty? No Constitutional Government has the authority to levy a price for exercising these basic rights.

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