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How Much Does a Racing Pigeon Cost?

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How Much Does a Racing Pigeon Cost

How Much Does a Racing Pigeon Cost? Pigeon racing is one of the strangest and most fascinating sports the world has to offer. It’s an interesting and surprisingly exciting event to pit homing pigeons against one another in a race to return home the fastest. It’s not surprising that the sport has garnered massive global attention and multiple major competitive scenes. However, due to the sport’s immense popularity and widespread attention, the cost of entering the sport and obtaining a well-trained pigeon is relatively high.

How Much Does a Racing Pigeon Cost?

Racing Pigeon Cost

Racing pigeons have sold for well over $1,000,000 in recent years! This is an absurd price for birds that are usually regarded as a threat or a nuisance by the general public. These high-priced racing pigeons, on the other hand, are generally purebred and come from reputable breeders, or are related in some way to previous race-winning pigeons!

Fortunately, this means that you can obtain your very own racing pigeon! Some racing pigeons can be purchased for as little as $100 and still perform admirably at the races. After all, good training and discipline contribute significantly to pigeon racing skills!

Why Do Racing Pigeons Cost So Much?

As previously stated, many high-priced racing pigeons have been purposefully bred from winning pigeons in order to create pigeons that are naturally gifted at homing. The cost of this breeding is high due to the process of breeding the pigeons as well as their desirability.

If you pay less for a racing pigeon, between $150 and $300, you may get a reliable pigeon that can be easily trained to improve its performance, but that pigeon is unlikely to be descended from any prize-winning pigeons. High-priced pigeons may already be multiple prize-winning birds with a reputation for themselves, making them more valuable.

How Much Do Pigeons Cost on Average?

Many people, believe it or not, keep common pigeons as pets. Pigeons are very affectionate and loving animals, despite their reputation as pests among urban populations. Pigeons are also extremely sociable, making them ideal companions.

The average pigeon’s price can vary depending on the breeder and the pigeon’s age. Older pigeons from less well-known breeders may sell for as little as $50 each. Expect to pay much more for pigeons bred by top-tier breeders, between $400 and $1,000. The price of show pigeons, which are bred to have more beautiful feather coats and stronger physiology, can rise even higher.

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